Harry James Potter (ravenhairedhero) wrote,
Harry James Potter

Locked to Ron

Harry blinked and opened his eyes, staring into the darkness that had filled the sky. It seemed that day had been suffocated and now only night lived on, to appear everyday and never leave. The black swirling clouds above slowly came into focus and Harry gave a soft moan, his head swimming. All around him he could hear the screams, they echoed in his head and threatened to make him mad. He wasn't sure he could get up and so he layed there, hoping beyond all hope that this was merely a dream.

It had all happened so fast. The lawns of Hogwarts had been overtaken by the death eaters and the students who littered the lawns had been killed with a simple muttering of words. Harry wasn't sure how he didn't see it coming. One by one they fell, a green shimmering light flashing like erie stars in a distant sky, and then the screams.. the screams that held more fear then anyone could imagine. But those who lost their lives didn't scream long. No.. it was the ones under the crutacious that rang in Harry's ears.

He raised his hands to cover them but found he couldn't move. He had been placed under some curse that had bound his body, but this was unlike the normal body bind.. this one he couldn't break. He stuggled to get free of it and his eyes flashed, searching for something.. for his wand. His wand was missing.

Then another wave of screaming hit him, but this wasn't the same as before. This wasn't the screaming of his fellow classmates, it was his mother. He closed his eyes and felt his body go cold, the world around him seemed to spin and the memories of his mother's death looped in his head just as it had during his 3rd year. But this time there was no patronus to help him, to drive away the dementor. He was afraid to open his eyes, afraid of how close it was. But the screaming grew louder and Harry couldn't stand it. His eyes flew open and widened as the hoodless, demonic faces of the dementors loomed over him. A final scream filled his head and the world went black...

Harry sat up so quickly it made him dizzy. He was covered in a light sheen of sweat and his breath came in shallow pants. Eyes flashed around, searching through the darkness and reconfirming his position. It was ok. He was in the castle. All that was past him now and it wasn't going to happen again anytime soon.

So why couldn't he bring himself to believe it?

He ran a hand through his hair and sat there, staring down at the tangle of blankets in his lap. This one had been different from the others. This one showed no sign of the dark lord that he had fought, just an evil uprise and mass murder. Maybe if he had stayed alseep longer... but then again, he wasn't sure there would have been much more. At least this time he didn't awake with a searing pain in the thin lightning scar. Those days had ended with the war.

He still felt sick.

He wasn't sure how long he had sat there in the chilling darkness of his room, but eventually he got up, blindly feeling his way out of the room and down the steps into the common room. There he was able to walk a bit quicker, shadow chasing him along the wall as the dim light from the fire spilled across his figure.

Remus. That was his destination.. yet once again he got that uneasy feeling. He hated to wake Remus up. He hated the fact that he felt he needed someone everytime he had a nightmare. It was childish.

And yet he didn't stop. Not until he was in front of Lupin's door. He raised his hand to knock, but froze in mid motion, biting his bottom lip. No, he didn't need to do this. He was fine. Walk it off.

His hand raised again. I don't want to do this. What would he think of me. Yet this time he felt his knuckles hit the rough wooden door and he took a step back, fidgeting slightly. Good job, now what? What am I suppose to say? 'Sorry to wake you up Remus but I had a bad dream' He growled under his breath, more at himself then anything, however the noise cut off quickly as a shimmering movement caught his attention, and he snapped his vision towards the door handle.. watching it turn before redirecting his gaze towards the opening door.
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