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Late Nights Wanderings -Open-

Harry wondered briefly if there were any other insomniacs in this school.

Maybe they could start a club. At least he'd have something to do wether then walk around the halls.

Hmm no, he didn't want to run another club again. Too much involved. Maybe he'd just be a member until he could get over this sleeping problem.

At least tonight he hadn't awoken because of nightmares, he just couldn't slow his mind down enough to think. Seemed all he could think about was his parents lately. How life would have been different if they hadn't died. Would he be friends with the same people? Would he still had to have gone through a war? Would they have died eventually anyway? Would he have a dog? Did wizards even have dogs? They had owls and cats and toads. Did they have horses? They had farm type houses in Hogsmeade, they had to have something on them right?

He coughed a little, pulling his cloak tigher around him as he walked. He needed.. he needed some sort of "what if" machine. Then he could find out the answers to everything.

Boy, the things your mind comes up with when you're sleep deprived.
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