Harry James Potter (ravenhairedhero) wrote,
Harry James Potter

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Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste -Locked to Remus-

Harry leapt up the last few stairs and strolled down the hall, flashing his gaze to the various portraits, nmost sleeping in their frames. He had felt pretty good before, but he felt much better after his run in with Ginny.

He smiled lightly to himself and turned down the familiar hall that lead to Remus' office. He had neglected seeing him for a while now. He wasn't sure if it was on purpose but most likely it was. But tonight he wasn't too worried about breaking down like the last couple times and so he thought it would be safe enough.

He paused outside the large wooden door for a moment before pushing it open. He took a quick sweeping glance around the room and after finding Ron was absent he walked in and sat over on the couch, looking over at Remus and smiling. "Hello."
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