Harry James Potter (ravenhairedhero) wrote,
Harry James Potter

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-Locked to Lupin-

He was still edgy after what happened to Snape the night before. He had eventually made it back to the common room, but he wasn't sure he had ever fallen alseep. Maybe for a few minutes here and there, but not much.

He walked briskly down the hallway, taking care not to run into Snape, or anyone for that matter anyway. He didn't want to see anyone. Well, that was a lie. He wanted to see one person. The one person he had ventured out to talk to the night before. The one person he should have talked to no matter what time it was. If he had, he wouldn't be so.. out of it right now.

He didn't even knock when he got to Remus' office. He pushed open the door and closed it a bit harder then he meant to, walking up to his desk and grabbing the edge of it in both hands. "How do you know it's really over!? How do you know they're not coming back?! You thought it was over last time but they showed up again, how do you know it's not like that again?!"
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