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In the Great Hall -Open-

Harry rubbed the bridge of his nose thumb and forefinger before slowly bringing his hands up to rub his temples. He was tired. At first he thought talking with Remus had helped, and with some things it had, but for the larger part it only brought things to the surface and he had had troubles sleeping the last couple of nights. Between the effort to silence things long enough to sleep and the nightmares he had been having, rest had not come easily and as a result he found himself feeling exhausted. He didn't even have the energy to go down the pitch and practice. He wanted to though, flying always seemed to make him forget about things. He wondered if his dad had been the same way.

He yawned and rested his elbow on the table, cradling his cheek in his palm. He thought about going to talk to Remus, but at the thought of running into Ron he decided against it. Maybe later. For now, he absently picked at a piece of toast and stared at the window across the hall.
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